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Nine Things To Do In A Mountain Town This Summer

If you want to experience a great and memorable summer vacation, then you should look no further than the quintessential mountain town. While most families flock to overcrowded beaches, mountain spots are becoming more coveted and treasured as the holy grail of vacation destinations. With an endless supply of mountain activities at hand, you are sure to find something for everyone. Take a look at the following nine options for activities in the mountains:

1. Ski

Some people are surprised to learn that every once in a while, there can be snow in a summer mountain. The key is to search for the right spot. And where there is no snow, locate a lake and try your hand (or foot!) at water-skiing!

2. Hike

This is one of the most timeless and classic of all activities. Hiking in the sunshine boosts the adrenaline and increases a rush of endorphins, causing happiness and euphoria. Just make sure you pack the right gear, namely comfortable and appropriate footwear.

3. Camp.

So this may require a bit of research, if you lack the experience, but camping is a family, and individual, favorite for many. Tents are, of course, optional with some preferring to sleep in the great outdoors, under a blanket of stars.

4. Find a local festival.

A true mountain town is sure to play host to a unique and exciting festival. Some of the most popular mountain festivals include ones celebrating music, food and even wine. Some are historical tests and some are just quirky. Regardless, research the area in which you will be staying and check out the events calendar for the nearest town. You may be surprised at what you find.

5. Look for old mines.

Mountains, especially those further west, play host to some historical mines. These can be fascinating spots, full of history and possibly gold. Some of these spots still offer opportunities of gold or diamond scavenging.

6. Swim in a stream.

It is rare to find a mountain town that does not boast at least one good swimming hole. With fast-moving streams and beautiful ponds and lakes, you are sure to find some primo swim spots. Look online or ask the locals for help locating one. Or just go exploring and find your own. Bathing suit optional if you find one remote enough.

7. Plan a picnic.

Ever wonder why it is that food served outdoors just tastes better? It must be the sunshine, scenery and general positivity that comes from experiencing nature in its true element. Pack a blanket, a basket and some food, and you are all set. There can be no greater dining experience!

8. Horseback ride.

Generally there are opportunities for horseback riding in a mountain town. Ask around for local guides and stables. Check with the concierge at your local hotel spot and search online ahead of time. This can be a unique way to see the mountainside.

9. Mountain bike.

Finally, some truly athletic daredevils out there may enjoy taking their mountain bike out for a spin on mountain town trails. Just make sure you pack protective gear as rocks can serve as further dangerous obstacles.