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Truth Behind the Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan

Located in the state of Rajasthan, in the NorthWest Part of India, is the city of Bhangarh. It is a famous tourist place to visit in Rajasthan for two reasons: historical remains of Fort Bhangarh, an abandoned town built in 1573; and for being the only city in India recognized by the Government as officially haunted.

Bhangarh is situated on the edge of Sariska National Park, a natural reserve of tigers, very close to the city of Delhi. The historic city of Bhangarh is walled and is known as Fort Bhangarh. Its ruins are well-known and recognized as the most haunted site in India. Within the grounds are temples to various Hindu deities such as the temple of Shiva, Mangla Devi, Keshava Rai, Shiva, Gopinath, Naveen and Lavina Devi. To access this city, there are five gates, Ajmeri, Delhi, Lahori gate, Phulbari and Bhoot Bangla. Explore all these sites with Rajasthan tour packages to make your holidays memorable.

Apparently, there are two Bhangarh fort haunted stories:

The first account that Balu Nath, a kind of local guru or monk, warned his rulers that if a single shadow of the castle built near his temple touched his body, the city would cease to be so. Apparently, there was a temple before the construction of one of the castles which shaded its towers at a particular time of day. The guru cursed the city until the result was to leave it empty.

The second tells the story of the Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh, who at the age of 18 organized an event to choose her life partner, but a dark and evil magician was in love with her. The magician who used black magic was called Singhia; one day he saw that the beautiful princess was buying oil for her palace, Singhia spelt Black words that anyone who touched the oil will turn into a stone. Princess realized his intentions and spilt the oil on the magician. The oil turned to stone and crushed the evil magician, but before his death, the magician uttered a few words and cursed the whole city.

There is no written evidence of the existence of the princess or the famous magician.

After their final abandonment, the buildings were not restored, something that is not common in the country, but this reinforced the belief that the city is enchanted. The locals believe that all those people who died tragically continue to overpower the place.

The city of Bhangarh is one of the most visited cities by tourists from all over the country, perhaps thanks to the legends. The certainty is that now Bhangarh has a law, the government prohibited it from being visited since the sun falls until leaving the same the next day. Being abased during the day but returning all its empty walls at night.