Airline Travel

5 Tips To Reduce Your Air Travel Stress And Keep Your Sanity When Flying

While it has never been easier to fly between different cities all around the world, modern day air travel can be pretty stressful at times. Customer services are not the same, and airport security can be pretty annoying. To help you deal with airport travel, we have put together some cool tips so that you can make your way out of the airport to the plane in a stress-free and relaxed way.

No Crowding

While you are waiting to board the aircraft and if you are in group 4, step back and let the other teams’ board while you can wait for your number to be called. Struggling for a position will make you stressed, plus trying to board the plane before it’s your turn, well that’s just rude.

Maintain Your Distance

Seats in economy class are not too large. If you are respectful of your seatmates personal space, then try to keep the pushing and poking on the seatback to a bare minimum, and be a good neighbor. If you allow your kid to throw elbows or kick the seat back to get more territory, chances are you will get a more irritated environment, so be a good neighbor.

More Honey, Less Vinegar

Remember to be polite when making requests to the flight attendants and gate agents. Persuasive, entitled demands will highlight you as the bad apple and will get you nowhere. If you are unhappy with a delay, then understand this that the gate agent is not authorized ground a plane or source a delay, so don’t start making them know how important you are. As it won’t look good if the same agent is re-routing the passengers from your plane and you expect to get first if you have bad behavior. So be polite.

Tweet Carefully

You might think if you make a twisted Tweet to the airline it will shake things up and will make them pay attention to your complaint. Well, here is the thing, if you select to use a very public medium, you better ensure that an egregious incident has happened. Focus on getting your problem solved without being demeaning or vicious as it won’t help the case.

Take the High Road

No one and I mean it, no one wants to sit next to a crying baby. At the same time, a parent who has an unhappy child and is trying their best to make them will better will most of the time have Scrooge-like passengers next to their side. Most adults have faced this. You do get sympathy, even if it feels like you don’t. So make sure that your child is feeling better and try to calm them down.