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The Top Travel Destinations For This Summer

Spring is about to end and summer is almost here. This is the perfect time to start working on your summer body along with your wardrobe. Start making plans on how you’re going to enjoy the upcoming vacation season. If you plan on going for a retreat with your friends and family then here are the locations that you should look into to have the perfect holiday experience. This is your time to shine. Amaze your loved ones with your planning skills. Get some airline tickets for cheap and fly to one of these locations to have a blast this summer season.

1. The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a country consisting of small islands that are surrounded by the blue sea. It is the perfect place to go to for a summer vacation. Just think of lounging on the Cabbage beach lazily and drinking a mint margarita while you’re at it. Doesn’t it all sound so heavenly? And if you’re not a fan of sitting around all day then maybe you can embark on an undersea adventure that will get you a date with the coolest dolphins around – Ten Bay beach is the place to be for that. The Bahamas have something planned for everyone – no matter what type of person you might be.

2. Amsterdam

The good thing about visiting Amsterdam is its weather in the summers. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. It is just perfect as we like to call it. You get to walk around the in the sun without getting burned and you can wear anything you want without freezing yourself. And the view that you find all around Amsterdam isn’t too bad either. Go visit Ann Frank’s House museum or the Van Gogh museum if you want to admire some of the greatest historical artifacts in Europe. Or visit the Vondelpark with its iconic bridge which has been featured in many movies.

3. Dubai

The Las Vegas of the Arabian countries, Dubai is heaven for anyone who loves to party all night long. The desert heat, going for safari trips on roving land cruisers is something that will give you the adrenaline rush that you are looking for. Even if you don’t want Dubai will make you party like never before. Gaze at the Burj ul Khalifa or go for a desert safari near Jumeira and end it with a Ballet dance show in the midst of the desert.

4. Miami

Now this place is the real beach location – everything goes down here. This is the ultimate beach party location for people of all ages. However, it is still very popular with people who belong to the teenage group. The Miami seaquarium and Jungle Island are popular tourist sites in this city.