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Where To Go For A Cruise According To The Best Reviews

Going for a cruise is something that should be on top of your list of things to do in your life. This is an adventure that all of us should venture towards at least once in a lifetime. Riding on a luxury cruise is worth any amount of money you spend specially if you choose the place of your adventure wisely. After doing thorough research we bring to you a list of the most sought after places when it comes to luxury cruises. Going for a cruise on one of these places will surely change your outlook on life. So get yourself some Asia Miles and fly to these places for the cruise of your life:

1. Cruise in the Nile

For those of you who do not know – Nile is the largest river in the world and runs in Egypt. Going on a cruise here will leave you refreshed and will give you an insight into Egyptian history like never before. This cruise is said to bring its dwellers quite an insight into the classic lifestyle of the people living in the Egyptian countryside wilderness. You can get them from a range of 7 days to a cruise lasting upto 15 days. And if you want a longer cruise you can start from here and go on a tour of the whole of middle east. Depending on your taste you get a lot of variety here.

2. Wind your way across the Scottish highlands

The scots are famous for their beautiful highlands and the feeling of serenity that they provide. You get to gaze on the amazing beaches, the vast and versatile wildlife of the area along with the beautiful scene when the sun sets to the west. You’ll be enthralled by the beauty of a cruise in Scotland. It will make you want to stay there forever. And the best part of the cruise is that it won’t be too heavy on your pocket especially if you fund your travels using Asia Miles.

3. Cruise the winds around the world

This cruise is more than an adventure. You need a lot more time and some more funding to undertake this adventure. But it is not impossible to do and it does not require as much capital investment as we would have thought. But this experience is going to change you for the better. Just think about it, you and the world and sea breeze and no other stress for at least two months.