The Various Types of Gas Lighting for Camping

Are you looking for an effective way to light up your camping area?

Camping is one of the most enjoyable getaways that many people choose. Some campers don’t just go for a day or two; they spend a lot more time out in the beauty of nature. Camping is a fun activity and can be enjoyed by everyone, provided you have the right camping equipment to spend your night and time at the camp sites. Keeping your camp area lit up at night is an important factor.

Gas lighting is typically used for camping as it is convenient, versatile and economical. Gas camping lights are available in different power outputs and styles. They can be attached to different kind cylinders depending on their use.

The gas camping light range starts with the cartridge style lamps, namely the Piezzo Cartridge Lamp and Cartridge Fisherman’s Lamp. Both these lamps run of the 190g butane cartridge. They are easy to move around, they have a steel body for extra protection and the cartridges just screw in. The difference between the two lamps is that the one lights up the area around it and the other works like a torch and shines the light in a certain direction.

The next set in the gas camping light range is the screw-on lights. These lights are separate units and can be screwed onto different cylinders depending on what you would like to use them for. They are bigger and brighter than the cartridge style lamps. There are three of these lights in the range, namely the 200Watt/100CP Lamp, the 500Watt/300CP Lamp and the 500CP Fisherman’s Lamp. These lights can be screwed onto smaller cylinders if you plan to move them around a lot or on bigger cylinders if you want them to stay in one place and switched on for longer periods of time. The bigger 6kg cylinder will allow the lights to run for longer periods. Once again these lights have different uses, the 100CP and 300CP lamps work as lamps and light up the area all around them and the Fisherman’s Lamp works like a floodlight and shines light in a certain direction.

Another option available for these lamps is that they can be screwed onto extension arms and then onto gas cylinders allowing them to stand higher and light up a larger area. The extension arms come in 3 sizes namely 250mm, 500mm, and 1000mm.

Another handy tip is to use these lamps around the house when you experience blackouts or load shedding. In conclusion, no matter what style and strength of lighting you need there is a gas powered light available to suit your needs.