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Green Initiatives That Are Adopted In Hotels And Resorts Of India

The ‘green revolution’ trend is gaining recognition in India. The Tourism Industry has also contributed their efforts into making this land eco- friendly. The aim of this awareness is to gain monetary advantage through eco-friendly operations and to have a positive effect on the surrounding and local communities. The concept of eco-friendly hotels is fast gaining popularity worldwide. Leading eco-friendly hotels in India are adopting green practices and welcoming environment friendly tourist for a healthy stay. These hotels help in saving natural resources like electricity, water and daily waste.

The likeable features of environmentally friendly hotels are that they have a ‘Skylight’ ceiling to provide natural light, energy saving lighting such as CFL and LED, solar panels to harness solar energy and the use of ‘master control panel’ that helps in minimizing energy wastage.

If you care for nature, check out a renowned green hotel/resort at the destination that you have planned to visit. Some of the features of an Eco-Friendly stay are:

1) Well-organized toilets and showerheads to save water

2) Linen reuse programme

3) Nontoxic cleaning

4) Waste management

5) Conservation of energy

6) Recycling of waste

7) Employee Environmental Education and Community Involvement

An eco-stay provides you the luxury and comfort in a natural way so that the negative impact on the environment is minimized.

Most of the structures of eco- friendly resorts in India are built from recycled materials or materials found in the surrounding/locally. They hire local staff to give employment to the people living there. These resorts are built on a vast stretch of land and are surrounded by dense forests. They have their own farm, vegetable patches and orchards.

The use of solar heaters and cookers are a common sight at eco- friendly resorts in India. The grey water usage helps in watering the plants. Water harvesting, the use of LED bulbs

These resorts are chemical free zone. Natural fertilizers and pesticides are used in farms and orchards while natural oils are used to prevent mosquito and insect bites.

In hilly destinations, like Nainital and Bhimtal in Uttarakhand, the eco-friendly lodges have been receiving support from like-minded visitors who care for nature. People who are looking for a peaceful nesting place, prefer to visit Uttarakhand, to enjoy the scenic beauty and the panoramic views of the Himalayas deep valleys and awesome sunset & sunrise vistas.

Most of the eco-friendly resort here are set in breath-taking locations surrounded by gardens, streams and woods. Most of these nature resorts have a blending of local materials covered with thatched roofs to exhort a charm mimicking a natural harmony. The eco-lodges, in Uttarakhand, are mostly cottages, cabins and shacks made of logs. Encompassed by lush greenery, twisting mountain trails and stepped fields, these hilly destinations offer entrancing sceneries

These stays are comfortable having all facilities like a swimming pool, spa, indoor game rooms, yoga centre, gym, etc. The multi cuisine restaurant serves food that is cooked from the fresh and organic vegetables and herbs grown in their own gardens. You can also enjoy the luscious fruits plucked from the orchards.

Be close to nature and enjoy activities like bird watching, trekking, safari tours, boating and rock climbing can be enjoyed while staying at a resort in Uttarakhand.

The guests, staff and management, of eco-friendly hotels in India, enjoy healthy moments. There are no deposits of toxic or poisonous chemicals in the air, on foodstuff or on anything you touch or breathe in. These hotels/resorts that are both green and plush, and an appropriate luxury stay for your vacation.