Luxurious Tour of India by Luxury Train

The concept of an India luxury train has added a fine gem to the crown of Indian railways and Indian tourism. These trains are looked up with great interest and fascination primarily because of its unique notion of blending royalty with train tourism. This innovation finds its inspiration in the ancient heritage of India. This country was famous as the land of myriad kings in its heydays. Each kingdom in the country used to have different interpretations of royalty. These impressions of royalty is still etched in the on the Indian territory in the form of magnificent palaces, forts and other architectural specimens. Exploring the diverse and scattered royal roots of India was a daunting and challenging task some decades back. During that time, few books and fascinating stories used to recognize and carry forward the fact that the indulgent kings did exist in the glorious past of India.

The launch of the first luxury train in India – Palace on Wheels – made the Indian heritage and history easily accessible to travelers across the world. The world got to see the glimmer, glamour and flamboyance of these idiosyncratic Indian kings who rated luxury above everything in life. This train utilized the customized saloons right from the princely era and gave the visitors a unique taste of the good old royal times. Since then, this train stands as one of the most visited attractions. It paved a new track for the luxury trains in India.

The success story of Palace on Wheels inspired other states to narrate the glory of their heritage and history via such fascinating trains. The second luxury train, Deccan Odyssey chugged off from the land of Marathas, Maharashtra. This state exhibited its hidden royal heritage with this exclusive luxury train tour. Presently, the tour itinerary follows the Konkan route in Mumbai, Goa, Ajanta and Ellora caves as the prime attraction. Another such train, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is a modern interpretation of the Palace on Wheels. The train follows the similar track of exploring heritage sites in Rajasthan with the addition of chugging through wonderful sites in Khajuraho, Varanasi and Agra.

These trains allow travelers from the world to realize their exquisite fantasies about how Indian kings lived the life of imperial grandeur. These trains endow them the privilege of exploring India with the luxuries of Maharajas. Over the course of time, these special trains have set a successful benchmark in the Indian tourism industry and offer tourists a great reason for spending luxury holidays in India.