Ski Resorts

Gulmarg Mountain, India

High up on Apharwat Mountain, is India’s premier ski resort, Gulmarg. With over 1300 vertical metres of picturesque snow riding terrain, this resort sits on top of the world’s highest mountain range, the Himalayas. This amazing mountain is home to both incredible alpine ski runs and superb off-piste powder runs, which are all accessible from Gulmarg’s famous Gondola ski lift, which ascends to a jaw dropping elevation of almost 4000 metres above sea level, the highest ski lift in the World!

Gulmarg’s village, is actually quite small and isolated, and still largely underdeveloped. Gulmarg is part of the Indian state ‘Jammu and Kashmir’ which sits amongst the peaks of Pir Panjal, on the western side of the Himalayan Mountains.

Gulmarg’s history dates back to the 19th century, when it was just a small hill town that provide the wealthy a place to escape the heat of the summer, it wasn’t until 1927 that Gulmarg became a ski resort through the vision of two British Officers. Today Gulmarg’s close proximity to the Pakistan border makes it one of the more interesting places in the world to ski due to the tensions that exist between both India and Pakistan. Although at first you may be a little startled by the presence of Indian soldiers in and around the village, this does happen to make Gulmarg one of the more interesting destinations for the adventurous traveller.

Perhaps one of Gulmarg’s best attributes, at least for the moment, is it’s relatively few visitors, reportedly receiving only about 500 visitors a year. Riding the gondola up, you notice the untracked powder runs right underneath the lift, leaving one to wonder why they would even consider riding out of bounds. Finding your way down is incredibly fun, as so few places in the world permit such easily found powder runs. Which ever direction you choose, you come across tempting ridges, faces and bowls perfect for the adventurous advanced rider.

The weather in Winter is characterised by snow storms and relatively comfortable winter temperatures not too cold but not too warm either. The best months to come being January and February as these offer the most reliable snow coverings and freshest powder. After the snowstorms Gulmarg will usually bask in clear skies with beaming sunshine, making for very pleasant skiing conditions. In the Summer the temperatures range between 24C and 32C, perfect conditions to take part in Gulmarg’s excellent summer activities, like fishing, hiking, mountain biking and playing golf.

Accommodation in Gulmarg, is still quite undeveloped, however there are new hotels in planning. Getting Accommodation in Gulmarg is becoming more and more difficult as more people are starting to visit. So like anywhere, it is important to book in advance to get the dates you want. When searching for accommodation in Gulmarg you should always book through a reliable booking agency to ensure only pre-approved hotels are visited, and your booking is honoured.