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Love street food? Here are the 5 best joints in Jaipur that you must not miss (Updated 2021)

The capital of Rajasthan holds a place in every traveller’s heart and that is for justified reasons. From vibrant alleys to bustling markets, Jaipur has been a favourite for decades. However, a trip to a new place is absolutely incomplete without trying out its local and street delicacies. This is exactly what I was up to, the last time I had visited Jaipur.

There is an abundance of hotels in Jaipur and therefore, accommodation is not an issue. I had booked myself a room in Hotel Teej, which is one of the chain hotels by Rajasthan Tourism and Development Corporation. The winter chill of January 2021 had me heading out every evening to discover the gastronomic gems in the city.

Given below is a list of 5 street food joints in Jaipur which you must visit:

Chawla’s and Nand’s

Chawla’s and Nand’s located in Fashion Street are famous throughout the city for their mouthwatering ‘golgappas’. They have a range of delicacies included in their menu, but this one attracts a major chunk of customers. I had ordered myself a plate of six Dahipuris, and had to order a second plate, once finished with the first one. The fillings, dahi, and the tangy chutney were the best ingredients, but the show is stolen by their handmade semolina crusts. Served with a generous amount of unsweetened curd, these ‘golgappas’ are surely going to pull you every time you visit Jaipur. Some of their other specialities include Aloo Chaat, Dahi Papdi, Papri Chaat, Masala Dosa, and Raj Kachori.

Rawat Mishthan Bhandar

I knew I couldn’t afford to miss out on Rawat’s Pyaaz Kachori. I headed over to this Station Road eatery which is always flooded with hungry customers. Rawat’s Pyaaz Kachori is one of the famous local delicacies of Jaipur, thanks to its subtle caramelized and tangy taste. Tastefully prepared onion filling is put into lightly made crusts of besan, which are mashed before being served. This place is always crowded with youngsters, office goers, families, and even tourists who wish to explore the delightful street food in the Pink City. A small plate of Pyaaz Kachori, Kesariya Jalebi, and Lassi is what I had ordered, and I’ve never been this satisfied. Other crowd-pullers include the Mawa Kachori, Mirch Kachori, Mawa Puri, and Samosa Rawat Mishthaan also has a restaurant serving North Indian and Chinese cuisines, located just behind the sweet shop.


Samrat in Chaura Rasta is a go-to for early morning breakfast. Known for a variety of brunch dishes, along with snacks like Pocket Samosas and Jalebis, Samrat is a perfect choice to treat your tastebuds without burning a hole in the pocket. I had decided to pay a visit to this place for breakfast since the weather was extremely chilly and I was craving hot and piping snacks. It is generally crowded in the morning, thanks to the people having their early breakfast before heading out for their daily chores. Pocket Samosa is one of my favourites and thus I had ordered myself a couple of those, along with a cup of ginger tea and Kachori-Sabzi. Kachoris made with asafoetida, served with a lip-smacking blend of potatoes and other vegetables tossed in a delicious gravy will surely leave your hungry self satisfied and happy.

Gopal Singh Patasi Bhandar

Gopal Singh Patasi Bhandar is an ideal place to sit back and enjoy their various dishes, especially ‘patasi’. Patasi is basically a kind of Dahipuri, with a selected set of spices that are generally kept a secret by the shops. By the time I had reached Gopal Singh’s, it was already evening and I was hungry. A plate of hot pav-bhaji is what I had been craving, but along with it I had ordered a plate of Dahi Patasi too. Pieces of loaf bread tossed in butter with the bhaji being sauteed in butter too, I had my satisfying fill of a delayed lunch. The Dahi Patasi is perfect to complement as a dessert, but the menu is not just limited to these gems. Gopal Singh’s is basically a paradise for the vegetarians and the admirers of good street food in Jaipur.

Raman Dosawala

Raman Dosawala is the ideal place to visit if your tastebuds have had enough of the local cuisine, and are craving South Indian. However, the dosas here are prepared with a touch of the Rajasthani style of cooking. This ensures that even while having dosas, the essence of Jaipur remains unaltered. Raman has a variety of dosas, some of which include the Masala Dosa, Pizza Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa, Cheese Rawa Dosa, Paper Dosa among a list of others. I had ordered a Cheese Onion Dosa, which was served with the quintessential coconut chutney and sambhar. However, there was a third speciality included, a tangy chutney made of onion, chillies, and some spices. This one had stolen the show for me and I had had my entire dosa along with this chutney, with occasional sips of the sambhar and coconut chutney. The dosas here are extremely delicious and reasonably priced to let you treat your tastebuds without worrying.

These are the best 5 of the many street eateries I had been to, during my stay in Jaipur. Some of the hotels in Jaipur are located close by to a few of these places and thus, is perfect for tourists to gorge on multiple street delicacies.

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