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The Complete Guide For Giro D’ltalia

Besides the tranquility of the Mediterranean Sea, with the historic forts and fortresses, an evening at the world’s first amphitheater, your Roman holiday guarantees you all the excitement. But wait, are you missing the touch of athleticism in the itinerary? Well then, come and let’s explore cycling the Giro d’Italia, the famous annual multiple-stage bicycle race in the country of the Bicycle Thieves!

Starting in 1909, this annual sports event is more than a hundred years old. This has become a part of Italy’s rich heritage. The event withstood the World Wars, passed through many troughs and crests, and is set to take place once again from 6th May to 29th May this year.

Giro d’italia: An Experience of Lifetime

Chilling Cold on Mortirolo

The Mortirolo route comes right before Giro and is famous for its scenic beauty. Through the mountains, the road winds up to Giro where you would face the coldest days of your life. The cold is bone-crushing! It freezes your muscles and you can barely move your fingers. But think of the reward it reaps – an entry to the world’s greatest cycling event, Giro d’Italia.

A Climb to Stelvio Pass

Stelvio pass is what the romantic poets say the lap of nature, raw, powerful, exuberant and vast. Whenever you look around, you are stuck with the panoramic beauty of the landscape. Covered with snow, Stelvio Pass leaves you pondering how small and insignificant we are in front of the enormity of somber mountains.

Tryst with Destiny in Dolomites

On the mountain slope of the Alps, there is a playground for the adults at Sella Ronda Loop in Dolomite. This ride is a playdate for the cyclists who dare the steep ups and downs, the twisty turns, the exotic motorcycle traffic and the inexorable and exquisite beauty of the neighboring peaks.

Bellyful Breakfasts

Yes, you read it right. The entire cycling the Giro d’Italia tour offers you exotic food items and mouth-watering dishes. At least four types of cake and sandwiches were present in the breakfast along with pieces of bread, rolls, muffins, bacon, eggs, yogurt, cheeses, fruits and vast quantities of espresso.

Chapel Madonna del Ghisallo

The famous Chapel Madonna del Ghisallo, the shrine for the cycling heroes, is situated near Lake Como, on the other side of the hill. You can ride to the chapel and be welcomed by loud, reverberating echoes of the bells which will stay with you forever.


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